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Tips on using SharePoint in a multilingual environment

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Did you know you can translate SharePoint to 111 languages, even if Microsoft only supports 50. Here's how and the full list of languages.
16.05.22 07:22 PM - Comment(s)

Because of recent changes to the Azure Translator Text API, a few new languages in the Western Iranian language group are being added to PointFire Translator.

Two versions of Kurdish are being introduced, Kurdish (Central), language code "ku", also called Sorani, and Kurdish (Nort...
21.08.20 04:08 PM - Comment(s)

The initial documentation for Microsoft’s new multilingual pages functionality for modern pages is now available online.  You can find it here.

According to the recent announcement, "this new feature enables the p...

08.03.20 05:03 PM - Comment(s)
Update for Machine Translation Services from SharePoint Online

Plan For Change
Published On : 28 June 2018
30.06.18 08:07 AM - Comment(s)

SharePoint sometimes has separate language packs for several variants of closely related languages, like Brazilian and European Portuguese, or several varieties in the Serbo-Croatian family of languages.  In other cases, you have to live with a different variant of your language, so for instanc...
30.04.18 02:05 PM - Comment(s)