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Tips on using SharePoint in a multilingual environment
Microsoft Teams Translation and Language Features - Part 3 of 4
Microsoft Teams is all about voice: voice in calls, in video meetings, in presentations. Translating voice requires two or three components: speech to text in the language of the speaker, then text translation, possibly followed by text to speech in the other language.
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Microsoft Teams Translation and Language Features - Part 2 of 4
In Part 1, we found that the language of certain Teams elements that are hosted in the SharePoint site depend on the user’s current site language. When it comes to invitations, the Outlook language settings of different users often have a major effect on the language of the invitation emails.
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Microsoft Teams Translation and Language Features - Part 1 of 4
There have been many recent changes and announcements regarding the translation and language features of Microsoft Teams. Here are the ins and outs of background, UI and tab
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How to Translate SharePoint Online's Content Type Gallery
How do you localize content types and site columns in the content type gallery in SharePoint Online?
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Microsoft Lists Templates are Unilingual

Now that list creation experience is making it easier to create lists from templates, and before the ability to create your own list templates rolls out, I thought I would point out that these Microsoft list templates are mostly unilingual.

Creating a new list from a template is very convenient, and ...

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