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Tips on using SharePoint in a multilingual environment

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The new multilingual page publishing feature for Modern sites is now available in Targeted Release.  This is a good time to go through its main features in a bit more detail.

This SharePoint Online feature enables the publishing and consumption of pages and news in multiple languages in a modern...

17.03.20 08:03 AM - Comment(s)
It's official, Variations are a deprecated feature

SharePoint 2019 public preview is out!

It brings most of the SharePoint Online experience to the on-premise environment.  But as a follow-up to the announcement 4 weeks ago about the retirement of the machine translation service and possible end of Variations, in SharePoint 2019 the li...
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Spoiler: they do in part, but very very slowly.

SharePoint Online Targeted Release tenants are starting to get the new Hub Sites that were promised last September.

Hub sites are a way to organize different sites together, without a site hierarchy.  Hub sites are just ordinary sites, typ...
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Nearly 3 years ago, we put together a roadmap for what we wanted to see in a SharePoint Online version of PointFire.  Today, we deliver the last of the features on that original roadmap.

At the time of the original roadmap, several of the features were technically impossible.  Today, some o...
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SharePoint Add-ins can be developed in one of two ways: Provider-hosted and SharePoint-hosted.  In general, Provider-hosted is easier to develop, easier to test, and easier to distribute, and has a more powerful API.  Provider-hosted can use any programming language and has easier access t...

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