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PointFire 365 will soon have a new look and new architecture
PointFire 365 is getting a new look. This is part of our plan to consolidate the two apps, classic and modern, into a single app. Translate any SharePoint page in seconds
10.04.24 09:44 AM - Comment(s)
Localize your SPFx solutions with PointFire Localizer
Managing multilingual SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions? We just released a new open-source project on Github: PointFire Localizer. It's a GitHub action that helps you translate your localization files for your SPFx solutions.
25.03.24 03:02 PM - Comment(s)
Multilingual proofing of SharePoint pages
Microsoft was rolled out Multilingual proofing for SharePoint. We take a deep dive into its capabilities and limitations.
27.03.23 11:54 AM - Comment(s)
Localizing "group by" headers for choice columns using JSON view formatting in SharePoint Online
In previous posts, I’ve shown how Choice column values can be localized using a variety of techniques in JSON column formatting, most notably by using the “@UIlcid” token. Can these techniques also be used when doing “group by” these choice columns? Let's find out
08.03.23 11:47 AM - Comment(s)
Use JSON column formatting to display different text in different languages in SharePoint using the new @lcid token.
05.07.22 11:34 AM - Comment(s)