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Tips on using SharePoint in a multilingual environment


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Localize your SPFx solutions with PointFire Localizer
Managing multilingual SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions? We just released a new open-source project on Github: PointFire Localizer. It's a GitHub action that helps you translate your localization files for your SPFx solutions.
25.03.24 03:02 PM - Comment(s)
Trick to Uncripple Teams Private Channel Sites
Here is a trick that I never realized was not common knowledge. When you create a private channel in Teams, its SharePoint site can’t add certain apps, both custom apps and standard ones, including Calendar and Tasks.
27.04.23 01:20 PM - Comment(s)

It started with an intermittent problem from a client.  In some cases their users were being prompted to download a JavaScript file that had our product's name somewhere in the file name.

That file was a localization file that SPFx uses.  When you create an SPFx webpart or application custo...
12.11.20 01:11 AM - Comment(s)

SharePoint's API has gone through several iterations, from the 2010 API, to the 2013 API, and now Graph API.  Throughout, it has struggled with being language-independent, particularly when dealing with lists and libraries.  Everything works fine when the site is in English and the user's ...

20.09.20 04:09 AM - Comment(s)

When SharePoint 2019 was first released, its Machine Translation Service did not work.  The service could be installed and was running, but most attempts to use of it would result in the error message "The service application required to complete this request is unavailable. Try this ...

13.08.20 03:08 AM - Comment(s)