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Tips on using SharePoint in a multilingual environment

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SharePoint's hub navigation supports localization, that is to say if you change your language then you can see the navigation links in that language... eventually.  The navigation links are cached so it may take a while for people to see the translated versions.

That applies to the text of the l...
17.02.21 11:02 PM - Comment(s)
Microsoft Forms supports multilingual forms.  How do you create these forms, how do you know what language the form will be in, and what happens when the forms are in a Microsoft Forms web part in SharePoint ?

Creating a form in multiple languages is easy.  You can find detailed instruction...
07.08.20 07:08 AM - Comment(s)
I Know What Im Doing, But...
How do you localize content types and site columns in the content type gallery in SharePoint Online?
31.07.20 03:07 AM - Comment(s)

The promised Multilingual SharePoint Pages was finally revealed in public a few hours ago.  Compared to a fully-featured product like PointFire it's a bit, let's say rudimentary, in that the list of what it will not...
07.10.19 08:20 PM - Comment(s)

In most versions of SharePoint on premise, and in classic SharePoint sites, you have to declare the language of the site when you create it.  You c...
16.05.19 11:05 PM - Comment(s)